“PolicyMap does an amazing job of visualizing the socioeconomic indicators from the neighborhoods we serve. There are so many different indicators ranging demographics, income, housing, and economic measures. Plus, the data drives down to the census block and census tract level which is important for the work that we do.” — Jada Brinkley, Data & Impact Management Analyst
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Wilmington Alliance works to make Wilmington a more beautiful, safer, and thriving city that provides opportunity for all. To address the city’s existing employment and income disparities, especially among Black and Latinx/Hispanic residents, the Alliance recognized the crucial need for a deeper understanding of the population they serve and sought comprehensive neighborhood-level socioeconomic data. Armed with such information, the Alliance could formulate evidence-based strategies, pinpoint root causes, and advocate for equitable economic development to create lasting positive change.


Wilmington Alliance uses PolicyMap to identify factors contributing to disparities and understand the root causes of economic challenges faced by different communities. With access to a diverse collection of datasets at the block group and census tract-level, PolicyMap empowers Wilmington Alliance to target key areas for intervention within the city of Wilmington. This detailed approach enables the customization of programs and initiatives according to specific community needs, ensuring a precise and impactful response.

“Data from PolicyMap will be a huge input into understanding what is happening today in different census tracts in Wilmington, and how that information then can be used to engage the elected officials, the funders, and the community at large in deciding what strategies we would put forth.”
—Renata B. Kowalczyk, Chief Executive Officer