About Us

An idea in 2007 to make geographic data easily accessible and understandable to policy makers grew into what is now PolicyMap: a data warehouse of over 50,000 indicators accessible through a state-of-the-art mapping and analytics platform.

From the beginning, we knew that policy makers needed good data to make smart decisions. And that interpreting geographic data on maps was crucial to finding solutions to our most intractable issues. We created an intuitive web-based tool for policymakers, business leaders, and researchers to quickly visualize and understand communities across the US. And we made sure that no technical skills were required.

We began as a small division of Reinvestment Fund, a Community Development Financial Institution, and are now HIPAA Compliant and a Certified Small Business Benefit Corporation. Reinvestment Fund uses capital to do good; we use data to do good. To that end, we work with small community groups as well as large federal agencies and corporate entities.

What started as a simple mapping tool for a lay audience has grown into a state-of-the-art data and analytics engine. Our 50,000 indicators come from hundreds of sources, including our own exclusive data, and we serve hundreds of thousands of users in government, healthcare, universities, nonprofits, libraries, and more. PolicyMap users run the gamut from non-GIS professionals to data-literate practitioners and researchers.

With offices in Philadelphia and Los Angeles and a platform in the cloud, we are here to help. Our data provides insights for targeting government interventions or business opportunities related to health, housing, jobs, incomes, government incentives, employment, demographics, local institutions and more.

We make it our job to curate, normalize and make understandable data from across multiple siloed agencies and supplement that data with data we license from third party providers or create ourselves. We offer access to this data via an interactive mapping and analytics platform in both a public edition as well as through subscriptions and enterprise licenses. Our platform, launched in 2007, is almost completely overhauled and relies on the latest mapping technologies. It is currently available in a beta version.