USDA is harnessing the power of open data in order to most effectively target our resources and to allow individuals in recovery to better locate USDA assistance. USDA Press Release No. 0186.16
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RHS needed a better way to track progress of projects to stay organized and show positive impact. In 2015, the Rural Housing Service was reaching unprecedented levels of success in helping build small-town health clinics and offering successful loans to families as a result of a huge budget increase. However, with the flurry of activity within the department, the RHS needed a better way to track the progress of these projects to stay organized and show off their positive impact.


PolicyMap worked with RHS to develop a tool that could do just that. On the RHS mapping tool, users can easily identify areas in need of investment and use the information to make better decisions. The public can use the USDA RHS data on PolicyMap to see Multi-Family, Single Family, and Community Facility Program investments over the spectrum of PolicyMap indicators ranging from renter cost burdens to HMDA home purchase prices, to critical care hospital locations, all in one place. By making this data easily accessible, this allowed RHS's experts in data and mapping to spend less time responding to simple data requests, and more time on high-level work.