At the Hawaii Data Collaborative, we strive to provide local stakeholders with tools to guide decisions that impact the well-being of communities across Hawaii, now and into the future. We chose to sponsor open access to PolicyMap for local organizations because we found that, regardless of varying levels of data sophistication, stakeholders could address questions and develop plans underpinned by the valuable data and mapping available through this platform. Nick Redding, PhD, Hawaii Data Collaborative
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Finding meaningful, cohesive data about trends in Hawaii’s communities and a shared understanding of the state of Hawaii residents was challenging due to siloed information and lack of data.


Using PolicyMap, the Hawaii Data Collaborative provides to organizations across the state to better understand the challenges faced by the many communities of Hawaii. By sharing a language and foundational knowledge about community well-being supported by high-quality, relevant, local and easily accessible data in one central place, the Hawaii Data Collaborative can reimagine the possibilities of well-being for all Hawaii residents. Learn more about how Hawaii Data Collaborative’s PolicyMap Enterprise License enabled Bikeshare Hawaii to advance the health of low-income residents of Hawaii. And find out how Lili’uokalani Trust used PolicyMap to inform their budget and programming to fulfill their mission.