We need to make the greatest impact in students’ lives by directing resources to those with the greatest need. PolicyMap provides our team with insights on where these resources would have the greatest impact. Julianne Appleton, Sr. Manager of First Book Research & Insights
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Julianne Appleton, Sr. Manager of First Book Research & Insights, needs to grow and engage First Book’s network of educators to extend their reach and expand the impact of their work.


Using PolicyMap, the First Book team identifies opportunities for member recruitment by visualizing existing members and identifying membership gaps in places of need. To ensure they’re achieving their goals, they identify “resource deserts” to target based on PolicyMap’s multi-layer maps, and distribute books, learning materials and essentials based on tiered rings drawn around their target area on PolicyMap’s maps. First Book delivers outcomes and impact for their corporate partners by ensuring the partner-funded resources are directed to areas of greatest need using PolicyMap.