What Data Do You Want To See In PolicyMap?

Say hello to our brand new Data Suggestion Bar, designed to empower our users to shape the future of data availability on our platform.

With the Data Suggestion Bar, users can propose new datasets to be added to PolicyMap from within the tool. Whether it’s a dataset you’ve been eagerly anticipating or one you believe would enrich the analysis and insights of your community, this feature enables you to make your voice heard.

Suggest Data You’re Not Seeing in PolicyMap

Here’s how it works: simply navigate to the Data Search Bar, the first search bar at the top of the interface. To share your suggestions click “Suggest data you’re not seeing in PolicyMap.” Type in your ideas in the text box that appears and click submit! Our team will carefully review each submission.

Try out the Data Suggestion Bar today and help us shape the future of data on PolicyMap! Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable as we continue to enhance our platform to better serve your needs. We are thankful for every subscriber in our community.