Session 2: California State Library Webinar Series

This webinar series has been developed in collaboration with the Pacific Library Partnership and the California State Library. Trustworthy information from diverse yet reliable sources is crucial for making strategic decisions. California’s Public Libraries are essential institutions for fostering community progress and well-being. The webinar series aims to share the many ways PolicyMap can elevate the offerings of public libraries in California for the betterment of their communities.

Empowering California Libraries: Strategies for Strengthening Support for Children, Youth, and Families through SDOH Insights

In this webinar, explicitly tailored for California State Public Libraries, join us to uncover innovative strategies for enhancing support for your library district’s children, youth, and families.

Learn how to create comprehensive visualizations that pinpoint neighborhoods within your library district requiring additional resources using multi-layer maps. Gain insights into areas where interventions can make a meaningful impact on the lives of children, youth, and families. We’ll identify partners and stakeholders to help allocate resources effectively.

Most of the session will cover social determinants of health data and how it can shape your library’s impact. Attendees will learn how to download critical health data specific to the branches within your library district. This valuable information will allow you to tailor your services for maximum community benefit and positively impact the well-being of children, youth, and families across California.

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PolicyMap for California State Libraries

PolicyMap is now available to all California public library staff as part of a statewide initiative by the California State Library and the Pacific Library Partnership to support libraries in making equity-based, data-driven decisions for community impact. Guidance for use is available on the platform, and we will announce training especially for California in the coming weeks. Request your account today!