Newsletter: June 2022


Understand Grade-Schoolers’ Internet and Computer Access in an Era of Remote Education Using New ACS Data

In an era of virtual schooling and online homework, access to high-speed internet and a household computer is crucial to the successful education of millions of American schoolchildren. PolicyMap users can now access 5-year estimates from the 2016-2020 ACS datasets on “Computer & Internet Access by Grade.”

With the new data, you can examine the rural-urban divide in internet and computer access, analyze the discrepancy in access among low-income communities, and understand the potential effects of government policies that expand infrastructure and provide affordable internet plans.

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Who’s Spending Too Much on Not Enough Food?

Households in some low-income areas spend more on food than those in other areas. How can healthcare providers and policymakers locate these areas and provide solutions? PolicyMap’s updated Consumer Spending Habits data can help.

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Celebrating the 1st Anniversary of the Housing Needs Assessment Tool

Over the past year, we’ve worked closely with the NYU Furman Center’s Housing Solutions Lab, adding new indicators and features. Most recently, a section focused on racial equity to advance research and debate on housing, neighborhoods, and urban policy.

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Michigan Health Endowment Fund

To illustrate the impact of the grant partners and locate service gaps in Michigan communities, the Health Fund relied on PolicyMap’s mapping platform and extensive SDOH data.

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University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

Faculty at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy dig deeper into clinical outcomes using PolicyMap’s comprehensive social determinants of health data.

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Updated: Novogradac’s LIHTC Mapping Tool

Novogradac & Company partnered with PolicyMap to create the Reports of LIHTC Properties by State and Congressional District. Explore the interactive map visualizing the current congressional district boundaries as determined by the 2010 census.

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Updated Data

Homeownership and Rental Affordability data has been updated to 2016-2020. The layers show an estimated number and percent of homes affordable for purchase or rent to a family of four making various percentages of the Area Median Income. Updated yearly. Available to subscribers.

Data on the Racial Homeownership Gap calculated by PolicyMap based on the US Census Bureau’s ACS Data has been updated to 2016-2020. These layers show the difference between the homeownership rate for households of various races and ethnicities as compared to the homeownership rate of Non-Hispanic White households. This data is updated yearly and is available to premium subscribers.

Consumer Spending Habits data has been updated to 2020. These layers show estimated dollar amounts spent on housing, food, and more. This data is updated yearly and is available to premium subscribers. Find it under the Incomes and Spending menu.

We are committed to our promise of curated, cleaned, standardized, and always updated data. We’re posting real-time updates on our website and Twitter.
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