“If I was building the tool for myself, it would look almost identical to PolicyMap.” Rob Cullin, Managing Principal
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ReThinking Libraries helps clients to see their institutions differently and embrace changes to become more vibrant, 21st century libraries. They assist libraries with new approaches to strategic planning, community engagement, marketing, and space planning and design.

Most projects begin with a demographics analysis, an investigation of a location’s unique demographics, population density, education level, household income, health outcomes, and more. But ReThinking Libraries was unhappy with the software they previously used for research. They required a tool that would be easier to use and offer a more robust set of data.


In their search for a simpler way to visualize communities, ReThinking Libraries found PolicyMap, an easy-to-use mapping platform and reliable source of local data. Making the switch was seamless. Managing Principal Rob Cullin shared that “navigating the data options in PolicyMap was a million times easier than our previous tool,” and he could now, “easily play with data ranges and map settings to create compelling graphics that help tell a story.”

PolicyMap is integral to the work of ReThinking Libraries. When conducting a demographic analysis for a strategic planning project, PolicyMap’s visualizations provide insights into a community’s population and needs. When performing community needs assessments, PolicyMap helps identify the geographic gaps in services.The mapping platform simplifies the process of answering questions like, “where would automated materials be helpful?” and “where might new branches be needed?”

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