PolicyMap Launches Premium Data Download

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We are thrilled to announce that our full data download feature is now available in the latest version of PolicyMap. In addition to the Download Sidebar, this week PolicyMap launched the Premium Download Modal. Since the release of the New PolicyMap in early 2021, a handful of key functions have remained on the legacy version of our platform. Our team has worked not only to transfer those functions over to PolicyMap, but significantly improve on what we’ve built to date.With the Premium Download Modal, users no longer need to toggle back to the legacy version of PolicyMap. [Please note: The legacy version of PolicyMap will be sunset at the end of October 2022. Contact us to learn more.]


  • The Premium Download Modal feature is available in the latest version of PolicyMap.
  • Improvements to PolicyMap’s download features allow users to easily visualize our datasets in other tools such as Tableau and integrate into existing workflows using SQL, R, Python, and more.
  • Premium-level subscribers have access to the Premium Download Modal. (You must be a PolicyMap subscriber to download data via the Download Sidebar.)

Improved Data Download Modal

The Modal Download is a premium-only feature.

The single screen interface allows users to download layer datasets, point datasets, and points with layers. Layer dataset downloads contain data at aggregated geographies like census tracts, counties, and states. Point dataset downloads contain all the data for each address, the source of the data, and the area the data was generated for. The points with layers download is the unique ability to join a point dataset to a layer dataset into one data file. The feature allows users to identify a geography an address sits in, and provide layer data attributes for that geography.

With the Download Data Modal, you can download data for the nation, download block group data, find FIPS codes for layer data so that files can be easily used in complementary data visualization and mapping tools, and much more.

Machine-Readable CSV Files

Through the Premium Download Modal users can choose from two CSV file options: a user-friendly human-readable or an upload-ready machine-readable file. The human-readable file will have the metadata as the top row, which will explain the headers for each column in the next row. The machine-readable file will have a separate metadata file while the data file will be just the standard header and data. This file is ready at download to be joined with data in other applications such as Tableau, PostgreSQL, QGIS, and Microsoft Access.

Did you know that in addition to our state-of-the-art mapping platform, we have the web’s largest geographic data warehouse? Learn more.

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